Board of Directors

Honorary Chairman: Al Willoughby (1922 – 2011)

Chairman of the Board: Steve A. Coleman

Executive Director: Gary W. Banz

President: Rick Johnson

Vice President: Joe Sparger

Secretary: Linda M. Banz

Treasurer: Dave Holland


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Janet Anderson, Midwest City

Gary W. Banz, Midwest City

Linda M. Banz, Midwest City

Jana Barker, Lawton

Mark Barker, Lawton

Mike Bell, Piedmont

Tom Blue, Norman

Steve A. Coleman, Choctaw

Jim Cook, Oklahoma City

Tamara Daniels, Oklahoma City

Rosemary Greenlee, Del City

Stan Greil, Midwest City

Dave Holland, Midwest City

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Dean Jackson, Oklahoma City

Rick Johnson, Midwest City

Randy Kersey, Noble

Gary Lynch, Norman

Doug Miesse, Midwest City

Jim Patterson, Midwest City

Eric Proctor, Tulsa

Karma Robinson, Oklahoma City

Patty Robinson, Tulsa

Lynn Schmuhl, Tulsa

Herb Schultz, Choctaw

Joe Sparger, Midwest City

Sherry Sparger, Midwest City

Leo Webster, Midwest City


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